Product Outline

Purpose For Concrete self–cleaning use; Weak for hydrophobic substrates, better with adsorbing substrates due to its water based dispersion
Appearance Semi-transparent, Opalescent liquid
Characteristics Anatase TiO2 crystal water dispersion with Alkaline
Application Spraying recommended
Shelf life 6 months (for replaceable without opening; 1 year liquid duration)
Materials cost $1.80 – $3.52 USD/ m2 in Japan domestic market (Rate: $1.00USD=85 JPY)
Remarks Concrete/ Stone Primer GT-100 use is recommended


Physical Properties

Name Solvent pH Viscosity(cP) Ti content(%) Curing(℃) Grain size(nm)
AT-01 Water 11.5~12.5 2.0~5.0 2.9~3.2 RT~100 20~45



AT-01 is prepared as Anatase phase TiO2 crystal Dispersed in the water; by Alkaline ionic dispersion, which contains no binder;

This may apply curing for faster dryness for hardening, but not necessarily baked with high temperature;

It forms thin film with just a simple spray application; but the Roller application is not recommended because it should bring too much thickness.

Without sintering at high temperature, No anxiety for Rutile phase transition, it’s easily applicable toward no-thermal restiveness substrates, such as stone, concrete.

  • Caution for Use

  • At the higher atmosphere temperature in summer, it is suggested not to apply while the surface temperature is too high: Because the evaporation urges the liquid dryness too quickly, which interrupts the liquid to level the film.
  • Diluted sol must be used as quick as possible to avoid the viscosity rise, and the agglomeration: diluted sol duration must be a few days after dilution.
  • At dilution, it must be used distilled water. If alcohol is used to dilute, it must agglomerates ;
  • Before start application, it is recommended to apply as a test at somewhere not noticeable.
  • It is requested to read and prepare with Materials Safety Data Sheet and Product specification which shall be handed at a purchase.



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