Photocatalyst Solid Materials


Photocatalyst Sol products is easily applied to variety of substrates to perform as photocatalytic activity. Then we can coat Sols onto the grass beads substrate, or Ceramic ball substrate to create photocatalyst applied materials.

On the other hand, there are some needs of application which demands more quantitative TiO2 rather than just thin film coating on the surface; such as Water purification, Large volume VOC abatement.

Powder TiO2 Photocatalyst fixed onto the soild substrate with binder; Thin film Photoctalyst coated by sintering to the solid substrate; both case hold some weak points that fixed Photocatalyst layer might get peeled off as long-period exposure with the lights, and the fluid flow.

In order to conquer this weak-point, we have injected our efforts in R&D, then came up with new photocatalyst products, which consist of purely TiO2, without binder or any substrates, no coating applications; from the top surface to every thickness, it made of strictly TiO2 Anatase crystal soild phase.

hollow sphere_120x160

There we introduce newly developed Soild Photocatalyst

1. Photocatalyst Hollow Sphere

2. Photocatalyst Solid Flake

And continuously we provide soiid products from our previous products line Silica-Gel.


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