Conviction, Self-confidence as PMI

15 years have elapsed since PMI Photocatalytic Materials Inc. established.

ATN-2p3-2_m09During the period of our development, we have strictly focused on Nano Crystaline Titanium Dioxide water dispersion; Nothing but Crystal, No powder-pigmented Titanium Dioxide which is considered as the most popular ingredients of Photocatalyst.

How it’s to be used/ manufactured for more property/cost effectiveness,  spending 22 years of R&D efforts (including before start up as the company) , we now achieved a degree of development unprecedented in this field.

Here, let us introduce our products line with our characterized technologies:

  1. The Aqueous Titanium Dioxide crystal coating liquids (SOLs)
  2. The solid products strictly consists of Titanium Dioxide (SOLIDs)

Those are available for variety of use in various environmental engineering:


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