Quality of Water

Fortunately we find seldom poor water supply region in Japan; since Japan 3/4 of the land is mountain, where the rain falls penetrate through the mountain to build thee river. So we mostly enjoy the blessing of the water. Water supply and the waste water treatment systems are essential for human life, which are well installed as the infra structure. During a decade from 1980′s, there can be 1 billion people in the world are blessed by the installation of the water systems; on the other hand, there are 1 billion people in the world still suffering their lives without the safe, clean water resources; especially obvious among the underdeveloped countries in some part of Africa continent, and Asian countries.

Photocatalyst Water treatment

In order to conquer the situation in the underdeveloped countries, Photocatalysis is able to provide a new styled technology for water treatment with less expensive, easy to facilitate and to continue maintenance. Unfortunately in Japan and many of the advanced countries can’t enjoy the blessing of the sun lights, where the underdeveloped countries such as under the Equator region, has enormous amount of the UV lights for Photocatalytic reaction.

Water treatment Experiment

vcm_s_kf_m160_160x120 In Malaysia, a government associated research entity SIRIM has successfully completed their pilot scaled attempt using Photocatalyst to treat the underground water which is contaminated by agricultural pesticides; By utilizing the sunlight UV which intensity is several times higher than the ones in Japan, to decompose organic substances as the water contamination. SIRIM_waterexperiment_120x160We PMI joined as the overseas supporter to provide the systems structure engineering and the Photocatlyst Solid Flakes as the photo-oxidization substance of this water treatment systems.By passing through the traditional sand filtration to remove the floating dust, the water pumped up from the underground, go through the Photocatalyst water Reactor. Which is made of the glass tubes filled with the photocatalyst as the fluidized bed structure; By monitoring TOC concentration measurement, they have experimented long term degradation of the TOC, and finally successfully found the optimized flow rate and amount of the photocatalyst.

This success was largely reported in the local newspaper

SIRIM newapaper

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