VOC Abatement & Deodorization

VOC abatement and Deodorization are often described as confusion. Both properties are explained as “killing” odors, however, PIAJ gives definitions toward both properties as follows;

VOC abatement: Vaporized organic compounds suspended in the air

Deodorization: Bad smell stuck onto the substrate such as room walls, curtains, and furniture

VOC abatement is clearly explained as the direct decomposition of the organic substances spread in the air, which can be tested and experimented by measuring the organic substances concentration suspended in the air.

On the other hand, Deodorization is considered as the odor organic substances which stuck on the other substrates, where odor is slowly emitted out of; Not directly be tested as the substance concentration in the atmosphere. This makes it difficult determining  any experimental protocol with measurement.

The final resulted phenomena is the same, both killing bad smells; the photocatalytic reaction is the same, both decomposing organic substances by photocatalytic Hydroxyl-radical generated by the UV excitation , just the difference is where the target substance is existing;

Data below is to show as evidence; this indicates the Acetaldehyde decomposition as one of the major smell out of over 100 kinds cigarette smells. Comparing with non coated Stainless Steel plate, the coated plate shows distinctly higher smell removal rate. This experiment shows even 50mm x 50mm small sized coated steel plate installed in a 300ml gas bag could effect the high concentration Acetaldehyde as a load.


susacetaldehydeSpecimen size: 50 x 50mm SUS plate

Light Source: Black Light 15W x 5

UV Intensity: 1.5mW/cm2

Container: 300ml Gas Bag

Reagent: Acetaldehyde

Measurement: 10 min after Gas injected



There never exist such high concentration smell components in the normal room atmosphere. This is just an experiment to explain how largely the environments are effected with/without Photocatalyst

conference room_R

Above photo indicates the Photocatalyst VOC abatement is adapted and used for the conference room:

Ceiling, Walls are made as Photocatlyst applied construction interior boards.


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