The Cause of the dirtiness, stain is explained that oily chemical agents, such as cigarette stain or kitchen oil mists, are sticking onto the surface.

Why Facades are soiled?

Before start explaining Self-Cleaning, knowing what soils are piled and how; it could be nice foe better understanding;All those substances are Hydrophobic


At dryness, Sand, Dust, Sap, & Oil mists from automotive emitted gas adhere onto the facade surface, which is made to be sticky;



Hydro Carbon and Sand, Dust are adhere onto the sticky Hydrophobic surface;


By the rain or even night dew, water droplets are to be formed by Hydrophobic of the surface;




Slow dryness of the water droplets allow sand/ dust pile onto the surface


Photocatalyst Self Cleaning process

photocatalyst layer

Hydro carbon. Sand, Dust adhere onto the facade surface, where Photocatalyst applied to form thin film layer;




With UV irradiation, Photocatalyst react to oxidize the surface;

Which decompose Hydro carbon and lose the adhesion of the Sand, Dust;



Photocatalyst film layer is Super hydrophilic;

Which makes rain droplet to form the water film on the photocatalyst applied layer;

Sand, Dust are interrupted by water film formed by photocatalyst hydrophilicity, not to adhere onto the facade surface directly;


Sand, Dust, and decomposed Hydro carbon are all flushed off by the rain water flush off the surface which is generated by Photocatalyst Super Hydrophilicity;

Thus, the surface remains no Soils, Sand, and Dust;

It maintains to be clean and Super hydrophilic status all the time;

HydrophilicWaterfilmThese soils are all organic Hydro carbon as explained above, which means it is expected to decompose by Photocatalytic reaction.

At the same time, Titanium Dioxide holds Super-Hydrophilic property, to slip off the soils by rain water flush;

These two types of phenomena are the key to be the self-cleaning property.



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