NOx Removal

Emission gas from Automotive are now becoming city air hazards, which largely affect human health. Especially in among the advanced countries, increasing number of the automotive are concerned.


By applying Photocatalyst TiO2 onto the road construction materials, such as the road side sound insulation barrier walls

With the natural resource of the Sun light and the rain falls are only necessary items to clean the NOx contaminated air., the central traffic strips, and the road sides guard rails.

For the areas where the sun lights are not expected, such as in the tunnels or the underground passage high speed roads, only if the artificial UV light   source installed, it helps to activate photocatalytic reaction.

NOx removal can be explained as the simple oxidation of Nitrogen oxides:

NO  ーOxidize→ NO ーOxidize→ NOx

On the other hand, there exists Oxygen as well as Nitrogen in the air;

O2 ―Oxidize→ O3 (Ozone) -Oxidize→ N2 -Oxidize→NO→ again above

NOxDataAs experimental understanding, by measuring NO concentration and NO2 concentration, we can easily confirm this reaction is occurring or not.

Reduction of NO is upper curve;

Increased NO2 by NO oxidation is Lower curve;


This Test method JIS R1701-1 is admitted and utilized globally world wide as ISO 22197-1 standard test method for photocatalysis activity.

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