Market Existing Photocatalyst Category

Current Photocatalyst sold in the market can be categorized as below;



PMI, our Photocatalyst is categorized as Aqueous Crystal dispersion TiO2, as above.

Charcteristics of Film formation


Photocatalyst Titanium Dioxide is more known as Titanium white, which is mostly used as the white pigment to invalid the surface as to be white. This white pigment is large, but Photocatalyst grade titanium Dioxide is consist of ultra fine particles pigment as Anatase crystal. However, still it is a powder phase.


The characteristics of our TiO2 thin film is NOT using any powder phase of Titanium Dioxide, but using a crystal phase of Anatase TiO2 dispersed in the water; and it’s sprayed as the ultra fine water mist toward the targeted surface.


spray mistFirst, the water film contained TiO2 crystal in is formed by spraying. These fine mists out of the spray gun, attach onto the surface as the fine water dots, and then attracting each other as vaporized.

When the TO2 crystals line right next to each other as water evaporates, they start forming film phase of titanium dioxide crystals.

The crystal right next to each other holds Hydroxides groups and Oxygen group, and each Hydroxides and Hydroxides, Oxygen and Oxygen are attracting each other because it’s made of the same construction; and lines waterfilm

each other. At this phase, still the evaporation is processing, and then Hydroxides and Hydroxides are bonding together to form water phase; so as Oxygen groups join next to next together, or layer by layer together to form molecules bonding.

At this moment, the molecules are attracted each other, TiO2 molecules once form a film phase, by dehydrating water from the molecules, shrinking the distances each other to bond as covalent binding; and finally water evaporated under covalent binding process, the film becomes to be consisted with thoroughly Titanium, Oxygen, and hydroxides.


DehydrateNow as above explained, Titanium Dioxide can form film without binders help, by the Van Der Warus Force which normally this process is started, and finally form covalent binding with strong adhesion and the hardness. This process can be performed because of the size of Titanium Dioxide crystal contained in our SOL is quite small (5~10nm); this size of the molecule is enable to attract strong enough each other by its intermolecular.




For the regular Powder phase Titanium Dioxide, it is impossible to form film as above, because the size of the grain is 1,000 times as big as our Crystal phase of TiO2.

In addition, the characteristics of the film covered with the crystal itself holds tendency to obtain cracks, by its process of the Shrinking Dehydration. On the other hand, these cracks can contribute to improve the reaction efficiency; even the layered film, not only the very first top skin of the film can only achieve the reaction but also the last bottom of the film portion can still contribute the reaction because of these cracks.

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