Environmental contamination, which is growing around the world or in our daily home life, is a serious social problem not to be neglected.

Examples of such contamination can be endlessly listed as follows:

—  Water pollution caused by industrial and household wastes

—  Respiratory diseases caused by air pollutants such as SOx or NOx

—  Room air contamination caused by organic compounds emerging from newly developed building materials

—  Dioxin emerging from resin materials during incineration


The fact that using energy to eliminate such environmental contamination increases emission of CO2 resulting in more global warming, however, leads us to a dilemma not to use energy to achieve our anti-pollution goal.

Under such circumstances, we have come to the conclusion that we need a new material that can gently harmonize the contaminated environment to restore original conditions by using natural energy which is a part of the environment and low-cost energy supplied to our daily home life.


One solution to that problem is our proposal, Photocatalyst.

Now, What is Photocatalyst?

Photo-catalyst produces surface oxidation to eliminate harmful substances such as organic compounds or nearby bacteria, when it is exposed to UV light of the sun or the fluorescent lamp.

By applying this principle, Water treatment, Removal of NOx in the air, Anti-bacterial, or Indoor air purification, Photocatalyst can be used for various steps in purifying a contaminated environment.

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