October, 1991 Started R&D study in Photocatalysis at National Institute of Science & Technology in Nagoya.
May 26th, 1998 Founded as a Limited Company (Cあpital:10,000,000JPY)
May 2001 Elected to the Chairman of the Planning & Publicity Committee in SITPA (Society of Industrial Technology for Photocatalytic Artecles)
June, 2002 Granted and Funded by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial technology Development Organization) to an applicational development for Welfare in Deodorize Sanitary Equipment.
May, 2003 Approved to be an Authorized Venture Company from AIST (Advanced Industrial Science & Technology).
May, 2004 Funded as taking the company bond funding “Success #1&#3” by the 82nd Bank Capital Ltd.
July, 2004 Contracted & authorized in Sole Agentship with a company in the U.K. “New Photocatalyst Solutions Ltd.” for 5 countries in Europe, 9 countries in Mid-Eastern.
October, 2004 Capital Increase invested Share holdings by Ogaki Kyoritsu Capital Ltd., 400Stocks (Capital : 37,500,000)
April, 2005 Capital Increase invested Share holdings by KATO MAnufacturing Ltd., 200Stocks (Capital: 42,500,000)
May, 2005 Funded as taking the company Bond Funding with the 3rd Party Allotment by the Gifu Credit Union General Finance Ltd.
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